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    Hello 2022 season! This marks our 4th year as owners of Dillsboro River Company (DRC), the home of mom-approved rafting on the Tuckasegee River! We are pleased to report our amazing team successfully navigated through the challenges brought on by 2020 & 2021. We are gearing up for another year of river fun at DRC. We have expanded our retail section, increased our equipment supply, created a space for hosting small custom group events as well as our airbnb (https://airbnb.com/h/doubledropsguestsuite) and are thrilled to welcome back many return staff as well as some new friendly folks to our river family. We look forward to making memories with you this rafting season :) ​ Meet our amazing team! Out of gallery

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    Mom-Approved Whitewater Rafting on the Tuckasegee River Welcome to Dillsboro River Company. We provide family-friendly whitewater rafting on the Tuckasegee River, just outside of Dillsboro, Sylva, and Bryson City, North Carolina. The Tuckasegee is the ideal river for first-time rafters, families with young children (minimum age limit is 4), and those who want more of a relaxing river trip with warmer water and the milder Class I & II rapids. ​ Guided Trips Self Guided Tubing About The Tuckasegee River The “Tuck” as the locals fondly call it, gets it start in the Cashiers and Panthertown area of Jackson County. It drops and winds through six reservoirs that vary in size from one to two acres to as large as major lakeside communities. ​ The Tuck is then reborn in the community of Tuckasegee about 18 miles south of our location. This is good because the temperature of the water coming out of the powerhouses is about 55 degrees!! By the time the dam-released water reaches us it has warmed up to 65-70 degrees. ​ The rapids of the Tuck are the Class II drop and pool variety. This means that after each of the rapids there is typically a pool of calm to slower-moving water. Class I means mild moving water, and Class II means moving water with a wave or two. ​ The official whitewater rapids rating system goes all the way up to Class VI. Class V is hardcore, difficult rafting with huge rapids. Class VI is beyond the limits of navigability. Warm water combined with Class I and II rapids is why we have a minimum requirement of only 4 years old or 40lbs. for kids. ​ What is the correct spelling of “Tuckasegee”? There are three spellings that are commonly found here in our Western North Carolina region: Tuckasegee, Tuckaseegee, and Tuckaseigee. ​ The word comes from the Cherokee word “Di-gah-se” and means place of the turtle. Our Location and Amenities Big Group? Save time! Print your waivers & bring in completed! Out of gallery Dillsboro River Company is located directly by the riverside on the Tuckasegee, in the town of Dillsboro, North Carolina. The check-in desk, changing rooms / bathrooms and parking lot are all within yards of our easy and private access to the river. Our take-out is located 5.5 miles downstream, and also has bathrooms. The shuttle back to the put-in takes about 8 minutes. The Dillsboro River Company store is a beautiful barn style cabin overlooking the Tuck. We carry everything you will need to have a great trip down the river, such as sunscreen (complimentary), water ($1-2 a bottle), river shoes ($9.95 / pair), and snacks (range from .75 to $5). Your safety is important to us. Please refrain from bringing any drugs or alcohol onto our property (this includes both rentals and shuttles). We have a zero tolerance policy . If you choose to bring bags or coolers on your river adventure, we reserve the right to search the contents. ​

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    GET IN TOUCH For any general information, please contact us: Call: 828-507-2428 or Text: 828-788-8829 Email: DillsboroRiverCompany828@Gmail.com Address: 18 Macktown Road, Sylva, NC 28779

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    WATER LEVELS EXPLAINED The Tuckaseegee is a dammed controlled river. It has two forks, an East and a West. ​ The East Fork releases 500 CFS while the West Fork releases 250 CFS (Cubic Feet Per Second). East Fork release days are typical Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am-3:30 pm. West Fork release days are typical Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Mondays typically have no scheduled release. The dams are located 20 and 25 miles upstream. It takes anywhere from 8-10 hours for the water to travel to our launch site. July has more East Fork days due to higher volume of tourists in the area. West Fork days are good for folks looking for a slower pace and don't mind dealing with some shallow areas. West Fork water temperatures are warmer and make for great swimming stops. We recommend our inflatable kayaks on West Fork Days for the 5 mile trip. East Fork days are for folks that are looking for faster water with less shallow areas. If you want to go in a raft than the East Fork is for you.

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    COVID-19 5.25.2021 ​ - Mask mandate has been lifted for outdoor activities in NC. Feel free to wear your mask if this makes you more comfortable. - Preset shuttle encouraged ​ 5.17.2021 ​ - Mask recommended for shuttle rides - Preset shuttle encouraged ​ 4.28.2021 ​ - Mask mandatory during time spent indoors and shuttle - Preset shuttle encouraged ​ 3.18.2021 ​ - Mask mandatory during check-in and shuttle - Preset shuttle encouraged ​ 6.27.2020 ​ - Mask mandatory when within 6-feet ​ 6.23.2020 ​ - Guided and self-guided trips available - Mask encouraged when within 6-feet of others 5.15.2020 ​ We have been busy preparing for this rafting season with COVID-19 being at the height of our radar. When counting our blessings our raft company is quite fortunate in so many ways. We operate on the Tuckasegee River, a river where families can feel safe taking a self-guided raft trip, inflatable kayaks or tubes making social distancing possible. ​ - Our vans & equipment will be disinfected between each guest. - Groups will not be mixed. You will be in your own raft with the group or family you came with. - Keys will be stored in individual plastic bags to limit exposure. - Our gift store will be limited entry. - We will open the season with self-guided or guide-assisted trips only. - Our staff will wear masks while driving shuttle & any time they are to be within 6-feet of guests. - Staff temperatures & symptoms will be monitored daily - Windows will be open on the 8-minute shuttle ride. - Groups will be spaced out when launching - Reservations will be flexible - You may be asked to wait in your car to maintain NC phase 1, 10 person limit. - Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the check-in desk - Bathrooms will have increased cleaning throughout the day - We encourage guests to not pull over on beaches that are already occupied ​ Please use caution: ​ Do not travel to our rafting company if you or a member of your party is ill, exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days. ​ Thank you for your patience with us as we wade through these unprecedented waters. ​ All forward, The Dillsboro River Company Family ​

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    The Tuckasegee River is dam controlled with an East Fork river release of 500 cfs and West Fork river release of 250 cfs. When planning your river adventures these are the best days to schedule.

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    TUBING Tubing on the Tuckaseegee River is perfect for families and friends looking for an ideal summer vacation adventure idea. Cool down this summer and go tubing! Self-Guided Tubing We offer tubing trips on our low release days. Sunday, Monday and Friday are typically the low water days. Please contact us for current water levels. Adults………$20 Kids…………$15 (12 and under ) Second trip on the same day is 1/2 price. ​ ​ ​ Guided Tubing: A little trip among friends! Western N.C.’s only guided tubing trip! Our Guided Tubing trip is longer than our rental tubing trip and comes with a light snack. We make stops at the Play wave, Warm Spot and Three Doors. This trip is only provided on the West Fork Power House releases days. (West fork Powerhouse releases 3 days a week. Please call for a schedule.) Target participants: Families with a lot more children that adults. Grandparents that need a little extra help on the water. Anyone who wants to maximize his or her fun on the river while not committing to a longer trip. Kids 12 and under……..$15 Adults………………….$20 High Adventure Tubing ​High Adventure Tubing is only offered at Dillsboro River Company! We have invested in the most advanced tubes to run class II rapids. Our tubes are made from the same materials as our rafts and is guaranteed tough. Participants must be 16 years or older and be in good physical condition to consider this trip. This trip is offered on both the East and West Fork releases days. East Fork trips times average 2-3 hours.Launch times are from 10-2:30 West Fork trips times average 3-4 hours.Launch times are from 10-1:30. Check the schedule in the chart below. $20 per person (One member of your party must be 18 years or older.) Please reload

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    BOOK A FLY FISHING TRIP Full Day Wading Trips Full day trips includes lunch, soft drinks, and a guaranteed good time! 1 Person - $275 2 Person - $350 3 Person - $425 ​ ​ ​ ​ Half Day Wading Trips Half day trips include drinks and snacks. 1 Person - $200 2 Person - $275 3 Person - $325 ​ ​ Float Trips - Half Day 2 anglers per boat $350 - Half Day ​ ​ ​ Float Trips - Full Day 2 anglers per boat $425 - Full Day ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ FLY FISHING Based out of Sylva, North Carolina, we are fortunate to be surrounded by world class fishing rivers and streams, including the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail and the rivers and streams within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We specialize in full and half day wade trips, as well as float trips for many species including trout, smallmouth bass, and more. All gear is included. Our fishing guides are highly experienced locals and natives of our Appalachian region. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, we strive to make each and every fishing trip a successful and memorable experience. We cater to all ages, including families and children. ​ Learn more about our Orvis Fly Shop in downtown Sylva and our and Fishing Guide Service .

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    SELF-GUIDED RAFTING TRIPS & RENTALS High quality boat rentals are available for North Carolina rafting trips on the Tuckasegee River. Choose from self-bailing rafts and inflatable kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and new tubes. The Tuckasegee River, with its warmer waters than other area rivers and fun class II rapids are a perfect match for families. Our extensive rental fleet has something for everyone. Rafts Our rafts are light and easy to handle for the average family. The otters are very stable option for the family or groups looking for an all-together river trip. Minimum age of 4 or 40 lbs. Adults - $20 Kids - $15 (12 and under) Tandem Inflatable Kayaks More maneuverable than rafts and our most popular boat. A great option for a family of five with one younger child is for two of the older kids to paddle an inflatable kayak (aka as a "duck" or "duckie") together with mom and dad with one child in a raft. *At least one person in the the double duck must be an adult. Adults - $22 Kids - $17 (12 and under) Solo Inflatable Kayaks and Sit-On-Top Kayaks For folks looking for some extra adventure and challenge, and are ready to get wet! These boats are great fun on this mild river. It helps to know how to paddle (at least a little bit). This option is available for those 13 years of age and older. $30 per boat Please reload