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The Tuckaseegee is a dammed controlled river.  It has two forks, an East and a West. 

  • The East Fork releases 500 CFS while the West Fork releases 250 CFS (Cubic Feet Per Second).  

  • East Fork release days are typical Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am-3:30 pm.

  • West Fork release days are typical Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Mondays typically have no scheduled release. 

  • The dams are located 20 and 25 miles upstream.  It takes anywhere from 8-10 hours for the water to travel to our launch site. 

  • July has more East Fork days due to higher volume of tourists in the area.

  • West Fork days are good for folks looking for a slower pace and don't mind dealing with some shallow areas.  West Fork water temperatures are warmer and make for great swimming stops.  We recommend our inflatable kayaks on West Fork Days for the 5 mile trip. 

  • East Fork days are for folks that are looking for faster water with less shallow areas.  If you want to go in a raft than the East Fork is for you.

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