Whitewater Rafting in North Carolina​ 

Mom Approved Rafting Since 2001

Rafting and Tubing do have inherent risk and by participating you do assume this risk for you and the minors in your care.  DRC has an excellent safety record and works hard to minimize this risk.  Make sure you consultant your family doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.


Mom Approved Rafting

Dillsboro River Company Llc in Dillsboro NC

Tuckaseegee Riverside Location, Right In The Town Of Dillsboro, North Carolina

Located on the river at the put-in has its advantages.  No rush- when you’re ready,  we are ready! 
The check-in desk, changing rooms/bathrooms and the parking lot are all within yards of our easy and private access to the river.  Our take out is located 5.5 miles downstream, which also has bathrooms. The shuttle back to the put in takes about 5-8 minutes. 

Our Store
D.R.C. is a beautiful barn style cabin overlooking the Tuck.  We carry everything you will need to have a great trip down the river. (sunscreen, water, river shoes, and snacks.) After your float trip check out our fully stocked freezer of free Popsicles for everyone.

Our Bathrooms are second to none on the Tuckaseegee River.  We care about the families we serve and want the best and cleanest for you.

​​The Tuckaseegee River
All About the “Tuck” River in Western North Carolina

The “Tuck” as the locals fondly call it, gets it start in the Cashiers and Panther Town area of Jackson County.  It drops and winds through six reservoirs which vary in size from one to two acres to as large as major lakeside communities. 

The Tuck is then reborn in the community of Tuckaseegee about 18 miles south from our location.  This is good because the temperature of the water coming out of the powerhouses is about 55 degrees!!  By the time the dam-released water reaches us it has warmed up (for some) to 65-70 degrees. 

The rapids of the Tuck are of the Class II drop and pool variety. This means that after each of the rapids there is typically a pool of calm to slower moving water. Class I means mild moving water, Class I means moving water with a wave or two.

The official white water rapids rating system goes all the way up to Class VI. Class V is hardcore, difficult rafting with huge rapids. Class VI is  beyond the limits of navigability. 

Warm water combined with Class I and II rapids is why we have a minimum weight requirement of only 4 years old or 40lbs. for kids.

What is the correct spelling of “Tuckaseegee”?  There are three spellings that are commonly found here in our Western North Carolina region: Tuckasegee River, Tuckaseegee River, and Tuckaseigee River

The word comes from the Cherokee word “Di-gah-se” and means place of the turtle.    

Shane – Owner and Operator
A veteran of wilderness-based trips and graduate of Western Carolina University, Shane has led a variety of water-based programs throughout the southeast and Central America. As river guide and instructor for the Nantahala Outdoor Center, he guided on Section 4 of the Chattooga(class V); trained new incoming river staff; and led canoeing, kayaking, and river rescue clinics at all levels. During this time he also led multi-day and multi-adventure boating trips on the Rio Sico of Honduras as well as multi-adventure programs in Panama.

Moving on to greener pastures, Shane has spent the last years as the Outdoor Programs Coordinator of Western Carolina University Student Affairs Division and now has moved on to create the Dillsboro River Company. DRC is the lifelong dream of Shane and his family to own and operate a family rafting company.