Whitewater Rafting in North Carolina​ 

Mom Approved Rafting Since 2001

Rafting and Tubing do have inherent risk and by participating you do assume this risk for you and the minors in your care.  DRC has an excellent safety record and works hard to minimize this risk.  Make sure you consultant your family doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.


Mom Approved Rafting

Ducks on the Tuck: No swimming hole left behind!

Inflatable Kayaks and Sit on top Kayaks only! We stop at our favorite places on the river like Warm Spot, Three Doors, Mystery Beach and our private beach for snacks and lemonade. This trip only runs on the low water release days from the West Fork Power house. The water is warmer, the swimming holes are perfect and the rapids are less pushy making for a perfect day to try a Duck. (West fork Powerhouse releases 3 days a week. Please call for a schedule)

Target Participants: Aggressive Kids that want a solo boat. Families that want to stop and swim.
Kids 12 and under…….$37

Guide Assisted: A Confidence Builder!

Want to steer your own boat but your captain still has their land legs. On a guide assisted trip our staff will show you the proper paddling and steering techniques and then lead you down the river. They are not in the boat with you but they are always on the river to giving a helping hand when needed. This trip is best run on the East Fork Powerhouse release days.

(East Fork Power house release 3-4 days a week. Please call for a schedule)

Target Participant: Families wanting to rent a boat but not quite sure they want to be own their own.

Kids 12 and under…..$22

Why go with a guided trip on an easy river?

We show you the best swimming spots on the river,
We show you the best routes through the rapids,
We get you out of trouble,  we teach you something about the river, like the difference between a stone fly and a may fly…..and why fresh water mussels are important to us….

But our number one reason is our staff and the fun hogs they are!

Your family will never forget them – how they took care of you on the river and showed your kids how to swim in the river!

We have just two Guided trips a day. 10:30 & 2:00 
This means we have fewer staff and a lower cost.
This also means our trips are special and our numbers are usually small and highly personal at 10-20 participants at the most.

Most trips take about 2 hours or so depending on water levels and all our Guided Trips have a snack on the river. 

Fully Guided: The Gold Standard!

Take the stress out of your vacation and relax as you and your family float and paddle downriver through the gentle and warm rapids of the Tuckaseegee. Let our guides take the worry out of steering and guiding while you enjoy this special time with your family. A light snack with a swim stop is included. This trip is best run on the East Fork Powerhouse release days.

(East Fork Power house release 3-4 days a week. Please call for a schedule)

Target Participant: First timers. Younger kids and folks looking for a low stress river trip.

Kids 12 and under…..$27

Guided Raft Trips

Guided raft trips on the Tuckaseegee River bring out the best of North Carolina rafting. Our pr​ofessional, friendly guides love kids and showing them fun on the river.

Mom and Dad (and family and friends) get to sit back and enjoy the river float trip, while the guide takes care of all the details!