Whitewater Rafting in North Carolina​ 

Mom Approved Rafting Since 2001

Rafting and Tubing do have inherent risk and by participating you do assume this risk for you and the minors in your care.  DRC has an excellent safety record and works hard to minimize this risk.  Make sure you consultant your family doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions.


Mom Approved Rafting


Dillsboro River Company Llc Whitewater Rafting

 Solo Inflatable Kayaks and Sit-On-Top Kayaks

For folks lookin’ for some extra adventure and challenge, and are ready to get wet!  These boats are great fun on this mild river. It helps to know how to paddle (at least a little bit).

$30 per boat

Tandem Inflatable Kayaks

More maneuverable than rafts and our most popular boat.
A great option for a family of five is for two of the older kids paddle a duck together with mom and dad with one child in a raft.

At least one person in the the double duck must be a Adult.
Kids….....$17 (12 and under) 


Our rafts our light and easy to handle for the average family
The otters are very stable option for the family or groups looking for an all-together river trip. Minimum age of 4 or 40 lbs.

Our rafts will hold up to four adults and one child.

Rental Prices:

Kids……….$12 (12 and under) 

Rafts, Kayaks, and Sit-on-Top Kayaks for Tuckaseegee River Trips

High quality boat rentals are available for North Carolina rafting trips on the Tuckaseegee River. Choose from self-bailing rafts and inflatable kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, and new tubes.

The Tuckaseegee River, with its warmer waters than other area rivers and fun class II rapids are a perfect match for families.  Our extensive rental fleet has something for everyone.